The stained glass dome, which cost $12,000, as well as the marble on the Conservatory floors are from Italy.

Specialty Books


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Casa Loma and the Man Who Built It - by John Denison $ 7.99 Cdn. sb-1
The King of Casa Loma - by Carlie Oreskovich $ 8.99 Cdn. sb-2
Casa Loma Souvenir Book $ 5.99 Cdn. sb-3
Casa Loma - by Bill Freeman $ 12.95 Cdn. sb-4
Edward James Lennox - by Marilyn Litvak $ 19.99 Cdn. sb-5
Henry Pellatt - by David Flynt $ 7.95 Cdn. sb-6
Glen Gray Audio Cassette $ 18.49 Cdn. sb-7
Glen Gray C.D. $ 22.49 Cdn. sb-8
Glen Gray B & W, 8x 10 Photographs $ 4.99 Cdn. sb-9
A & E Canadian Castles Video $ 21.99 Cdn. sb-10
White Stone in The Castle Wall - by Sheldon Oberman $ 9.99 Cdn. sb-11
Casa Loma Mouse Pad $ 8.99 Cdn. sb-12
Casa Loma Touring Audio Cassette $ 12.99 Cdn. sb-13

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