"Casa Loma Gardens – Calendar of Bloom"




West Staircase: Woodland wildflower walk; from mid-April to end of May; trillium, hepatica, mertensia, jack-in-pulpit. See how to utilize woodland plants in shady areas.

Woodland Walk: South slope is covered in naturalized narcissus and daffodils; paths edged in bergenia, epidmediums, vinca.

Rhododendron Dell: Our microclimate brings early rhodo’s into bloom in the end of April/early May; Rhododendron primroses, doronicum, fritillarias, anemone nemrosa.

Front Courtyard: Tulips & other spring bulbs.


June is the month for roses; we have over 75 varieties of roses. Excellent collection of old fashioned roses, formal beds of floribunda types, Austin Roses; walk through the Rose Arbour into the Secret Garden covered with hardy climbing roses. Don’t miss the Casa Loma Rose on the Lower Terrace.

Lower Terrace: Perennial beds start their early summer bloom; delphiniums, iris, campanula, coral bells, late tulips.

Rhododendron Dell: Really at its glory during June; large leafed types in bloom as well as deciduous azaleas; flowering dogwoods, lilacs, mock-orange, spirea are all in bloom now.

Secret Garden: Peonies, scabiosa, salvia, deutzia, dianthus, geraniums, and, of course, roses in profusion.

Front Courtyard & Upper Terrace: Containers with annuals should be starting to fill in and showing lots of colour.

Rhododendron Dell: Mass plantings of astilbes bloom in succession all month long – feathery plumes create a sea of pink, white & red; paths edged with rare hostas and other shade loving plants.

Rest in the cool shade of the maples and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waterfall by our lily pond; pond edge hosts many marginal plants such as ligularia, iris, peltiphyllum, calla, and lobelia; also is the home of our resident turtle, Henry.

Lower Terrace: Perennial beds peak in late July/early August; daylilies, pholox, yarrow and many other hardy perennials create a tapestry of colour amongst fountains and formal annual beds.

Front Courtyard: Cut-leaf Japanese maples, masses of floribunda roses, colourful annuals in beds and containers.




Secret Garden & Lower Terrace: Late blooming perennials; coneflowers, asters, sedums, perennial hibiscus.

Front Courtyard, Secret Garden, Rhododendron Dell: Roses have a second flush of bloom with cooler night temperatures.

Woodland Walk: Ornamental grasses begin to flower.

Meadow Garden: Prairie and meadow species are fully developed.

Secret Garden, Lower Terrace & containers: Fall mum display.

Secret Garden: Autumn colours in late September start with scorching reds (Burning bush), brilliant yellows (Katsura tree) and flaming orange of amur Maples.

Lower Terrace: beds liven up with hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, boltonia, fall asters.

Rhododendron Dell: showing fall colours of many rare native trees and shrubs.

Front Courtyard: roses and annual beds are in their final glory before the first frost.

Woodland Walk: muted autumn light shows off browns, golds and silver of ornamental grasses.

Displays of ornamental cabbages with chrysanthemums.

East Stair: reds and bronzes of oaks and sumacs.