The Pellatt family crest reads: “Devant Si Je Puis”, which means “Foremost if I can”.  

“Casa Loma Gardens – Calendar of Bloom”


Secret Garden, Lower Terrace & containers: Fall mum display.

Secret Garden: Autumn colours in late September start with scorching reds (Burning bush), brilliant yellows (Katsura tree) and flaming orange of amur Maples.

Lower Terrace: beds liven up with hydrangeas, ornamental grasses, boltonia, fall asters.

Rhododendron Dell: showing fall colours of many rare native trees and shrubs.

Front Courtyard: roses and annual beds are in their final glory before the first frost.

For further information on the Casa Loma Gardens, please contact us directly at (416) 923-1171.
1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON, M5R 1X8
Casa Loma is located at the intersection of Spadina and Davenport Roads.


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