The Pellatt family crest reads: “Devant Si Je Puis”, which means “Foremost if I can”.  

The Casa Loma Rose

Though the Casa Loma Rose was introduced in Canada by Hortico Inc. of Waterdown, Ontario, and not by the Greek gods, it is no less a thing of beauty. Deep pink with a perfect quartered form and distinct cup-shape, this rose is an English Garden type rose. Still making use of Dionysus’ nectar, the Casa Loma Rose is wonderfully fragrant.

English Garden Roses are also known as Austin Roses after the English rose hybridizer, David Austin. English Garden Roses were first introduced in 1969. They are created by crossing Old Roses (roses introduced before 1867) and Modern Roses. These types of hybrids are known for their repeat bloom, colour, fragrance and uniqueness.