The stained glass dome, which cost $12,000, as well as the marble on the Conservatory floors are from Italy. 
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This category was compiled in an effort to aid
students with their Middle Ages/Renaissance
curriculum – related projects.

Left to Right:

7-1. Five Piece Mounted King and Knights Play Set – Hand painted flexible plastic pieces. Excellent for diorama projects and for play. For ages 3 and up. Non toxic. Available in red also.
Item Code: ROK28425/ $16.95

7-2. “What Were Castles For?" – This is a 32 page colourful educational book full of facts about everyday life in Medieval castles. Published with the support of the English Heritage Organization. For ages 7 and up.
Item Code: SOK42456/ $6.95

7-3. “Build a Mini Castle" Craft Kit – This kit contains over 12 bricks and tiles, a mixing bowl, cement, tools and an easy to follow assembly plan. Excellent for a 3-D project and play. Bricks and tiles are reusable. For ages 6-12.
Item Code: ROK28454/ $16.99

7-4. “Medieval Times Card Game" – An educational Trivia style card game that keeps children interested as it advances them through different levels. For two to eight players. For ages 7 and up.
Item Code: ROK27121/ $16.99

7-5. ” Make this Model Medieval Castle" – This cut-out and assemble book contains over 90 pieces and 40 groups of figures and props to help you bring the castle to life. The finished model is 8.5" high and 18" wide. Excellent for school projects.
Item Code: SOK42248/ $12.95

7-6. Battling Ram – A clever mobile demolishing tool used in castle siege. Made of hand painted plastic. Fully operational. 4"x5"x 7" in size.
Item Code: ROK28480/ $18.99


7-7. “Rose Garden Castle"
24 cm x 24 cm x 28 cm
Item Code: WSK28001
Retail Price – $23.75

7-8. “Chateau Fortress"
38 cm x 38 cm x 30.50 cm
Item Code: WSK 28004
Retail Price – $35.63

7-9. “Rock Castle – Romanesque Medieval Norman Style Fortress"
24 cm x 24 cm x 21.50 cm
Item Code: WSK28002
Retail Price – $23.75

7-10. “Royal Palace – Renaissance Era"
45 cm x 34 cm x 45.50 cm
Item Code: WSK28003
Retail Price – $35.63

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