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Future Options for Casa Loma – Process Timing Update


October 3, 2012, Future Options for Casa Loma was on the agenda at City Council...

On May 10, 2012 a Public Consultation on Future Uses for Casa Loma was held at
Grace Church on the Hill.

Future Uses for Casa Loma - Update Aug 31, 2012

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Future Options - Process Timing Update


In August 2011, City Council created the Casa Loma Corporation (CLC) for the purpose of managing the continuing operations of Casa Loma on an interim basis until its future ownership and management direction could be determined.

When we embarked on this process and established aggressive time lines; we did so with the information and knowledge that we had at that time. Today we have a much deeper understanding of the scope and volume of information that is to be measured, evaluated and carefully considered. For example, we will be taking a more detailed look at the different components of the Casa Loma property and updating the building conditions audit. There is also a City process that our City Services Corporation must follow, and this process takes time. We won’t have the time we need to meet the June Committee deadline.

As the current guardians of Casa Loma, the board members take this process seriously. Rushing the process to meet the June meeting cycle is not in the best long term interest and we would not be doing this important heritage building justice.

This delay is in no way an indication of the quality of work, the direction of the results, nor the eventual recommendations. The board, will be reporting to the September meeting of the City of Toronto Executive Committee.