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Casa Loma news

Educators – New Grade 8 & 10 programs launching this September!


Grade 8: Interactive History Tour



PART A “A Changing Society” Guided History Tour (approx. 1hr): students will have a guided tour of the castle, focusing on the years before the war and leading up to the war (1885-1914) with a focus on social and economic factors, technological advances, and individuals and groups (such as Sir Henry, Lady Mary, William Mackenzie, the Conservative Party, Frederick Nicholls, Adam Beck, etc.) that promoted change in Canada between 1885 and the beginning of the First World War in 1914.  The guide will also discuss Sir Henry’s feelings about war, the Queen’s Own Rifles and their contributions to the First World War as well as the changes that occurred in Canada/Toronto before the war.


Grade 10 Interactive History Tour



PART A Guided War History Tour (approx. 1hr): students will have a guided tour of the castle, focusing on personalities, events and changes in the world that have shaped our nation since 1914, specifically WWI (1914-1918), the 1920s and 1930s (the Great Depression), and WWII (1939-1945). This program will also provide a vivid picture of the economic, social, military and political climate of the time as we take a tour through the lives of Sir Henry and Lady Mary and the Queen’s Own Rifles Regiment.


*Note : This tour provides a general overview of 1914 to 1945 with connections to Sir Henry and life at Casa Loma during this period. Please inform us if you require our guides to focus more on one particular war or topic within this time period.

For More information contact: [email protected]