You are stepping back in time to a period of European elegance and splendour in the former home of Sir Henry Pellatt. As guests, please ensure that this historical home is treated with respect. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy your visit today.

To ensure that everyone has a pleasant time we ask that you follow these few simple guidelines.

  1. We ask that you supervise your students at ALL times during your visit. Casa Loma REQUIRES a minimum supervision of one teacher/attendant for every fifteen students.

  2. Supervisors will be paged if students are found unaccompanied – teachers and supervisors are responsible for their students’ conduct.
  3. Please ask your students to REFRAIN from touching anything-many of the furnishings are rare and irreplaceable.

  4. The self-guided audio cassette tours are designed for visitors over age 10.
  5. For elementary school age groups, a written Teacher’s Guide is accessible on this website for your reproduction. Please ensure that each supervisor has a copy of this guide for use during your visit.
  6. The castle has many unique features including secret passages, an 800 foot tunnel and spiralling staircases to the towers. For the safety of your students, please ensure that they WALK, NOT RUN, in these areas.

  7. Students MUST be supervised when visiting the Gift Shop. We ask that one teacher/attendant supervise every (10) students.

  8. Group Meals are available in DRUXY”S Famous Deli. There is a small FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE lunchroom in the Stables area for your group to eat packed lunches. This is the only area where personal food is permitted to be eaten in the estate complex.

  9. If a student gets lost, he/she will be directed to the Main Entrance.

Thank you for your attention in these matters.
Have fun and enjoy your visit to Casa Loma