The staine glass dome, which cost $12,000, as well as the marble on the Conservatory floors are from Italy. 

Toronto’s Majestic Castle

Set young imaginations soaring as they journey back to a bygone era to explore the magic and wonder of a medieval- style castle. Towers, a tunnel, secret passageways and beautiful gardens are all part of the adventure that awaits you !

During your visit to Casa Loma you and your students will explore one of Toronto’s premier historic landmarks and learn about a truly remarkable Canadian who made significant contributions to the development of the City.

Sir Henry Mill Pellatt was a prominent financier, industrialist and military officer of the early twentieth century. A few of his many accomplishments included building the first hydro-electric generating station in Niagara Falls, co-founding the Toronto Electric Light Company, organizing the first St. John’s Ambulance Brigade in Toronto and achieving the rank of Major General in the Queen’s Own Rifles regiment. However, he is most recognized for creating Toronto’s majestic castle estate, Casa Loma.

Casa Loma was designed in European style by architect E. J. Lennox. It was built between 1911 and 1914 and reflects the romance and splendour of the Edwardian era. The tour of the castle will introduce your students to the unique architectural features of this masterpiece while leading them through newly decorated suites, secret passageways, towers and stables.

Curriculum Relevance
We trust that a visit to Casa Loma will not only be memorable but also relevant to your particular educational needs; whether as part of the general four core program areas- language, the arts, self and society, mathematics, science and technology or as part of your specific unit studies such as medieval studies, social sciences or environmental studies.

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