The staff of over 40 people, which was required to maintain the castle, was paid a sum of $22,000 a year. 

The Towers ·  The Garden Room

  1. Queen’s Own Rifles Museum: Sir Henry was a dedicated supporter of the Queen’s Own Rifles, achieving the rank of Major General. The regiment’s band was often engaged to entertain guests at the castle. In 1910 Sir Henry took the entire 600-man regiment to England for military games at his expense.

  2. Stairs to Towers

  3. The Kiwanis Room: This room tells the remarkable story of the Kiwanis Club’s restoration and operation of Casa Loma since 1937. Proceeds from the castle go to the Kiwanis’ charitable projects.

  4. The Garden Room: View the gardens from this 3rd floor vantage point. Review the history and follow the construction of the gardens from the beginning.

  5. Servant’s Room: Up a few steps from the landing is a typical servant’s room.