The stained glass dome, which cost $12,000, as well as the marble on the Conservatory floors are from Italy. 

The Stables á  The Gardens* á  Secret Garden* á  Carriage Room

  1. The Stables: The horse stalls are constructed of mahogany while the floors are covered with Spanish tiles.

  2. Carriage Room: This room housed Sir Henry’s carriage collection.

  3. The Gardens: Renovated by the Garden Club of Toronto, the 5 acres surrounding the castle feature formal perennial borders, sculpture and fountains. The wooded hillside showcases wild flowers and ferns plus dramatic rhododendrons and decorative grasses. Enjoy the serene beauty and changing panorama of rainbow colours May through October as the gardens mirror the transition of the Canadian seasons.

    The Secret Garden: The Secret Garden gets its name from the perimeter fieldstone walls and cedar hedge that surround it. The area has a cottage garden feel due to the mixed plantings of shrubs and perennials and lush roses cascading down from the Arbour.

  4. Potting Shed: A large room where past and present Casa Loma gardeners plant material for use throughout the grounds.