The Pellatt family crest reads: “Devant Si Je Puis”, which means “Foremost if I can”.  

Front Entrance* á  Oak Room á  The Conservatory*
Great Hall* (The Organ)  á  Garden Terrace*

  1. Great Hall: With its 60′ high ceiling, this room is a focal point of the castle. Note the sculpted figures adorning the pillars.

  2. Library: The herringbone oak floor pattern creates different shadings from each end of the room. On the ceiling is Pellatt’s coat of arms.

  3. Dining Room: Lined with circassian walnut, the dining room was originally separated from the library by unique panelling.

  4. The Conservatory: The floor marble is Italian but the side panels are of Ontario marble. Steam pipes kept the flower beds warm in the winter.

  5. Serving Room: Also used as a breakfast room, this room contains original Pellatt furniture.

  6. Peacock Alley: Modelled after a passageway in Windsor Castle. The walls are oak and the floor was teakwood.

  7. Sir Henry’s Study: The mahogany panels conceal a secret door on either side of the fireplace.

  8. Smoking Room: Quiet games of chess or cards were enjoyed here.

  9. Billiard Room: Sir Henry and E.J.Lennox, the architect of Casa Loma, recorded a long running game of billiards in this room.